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About ABC
The Company: ABC Legal Services is staffed by 100 full-time, trained specialists in the Service of Process, who manage over 3,000 dedicated agents and affiliates throughout the world. Over the past 29 years, ABC has served over 10,000,000 legal documents worldwide.
The USDOJ Contract: Since June 1, 2003, ABC has performed the duties as the Central Authority for the USDOJ. On the behalf of the USDOJ, ABC manages all formal service of process for the U.S. on judicial documents under the following treaties and conventions:
•     The Hague Service Convention
•     Inter-American Convention on letters Rogatory
•     Letters Rogatory from non-convention countries
Experience: ABC agents are experts in Local Civil Procedures, Federal Civil Procedures, Long Arm Jurisdiction, Letters Rogatory, Hague Service Convention, Inter-American Convention on Letters Rogatory and the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act. Through years of experience in this unique and highly specialized business, we have developed a comprehensive program that adds value to its customers through increased time efficiency and higher success rates.