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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is your fee required to be paid in advance?
A. Yes, the $95 USD service fee is payable to ABC Legal Services by Cashier's Check, Money Order, Credit Card, or by Bank Transfer to Wells Fargo Bank, Account 2007107119, Swift Code WFBIUS6, ABA Routing Number 121000248.

Q. How many sets of documents must I submit to your office?
A. We must receive two sets of documents for service requests in accordance with The Hague Convention, three sets for all other requests.

Q. How long will the service take?
A. You should allow six weeks for us to process your service requests, most are completed much sooner but this time allows us to make a diligent effort to compete your request before we are required close our case and make our report to the requesting authorities.

Q. May I contact you for status?
A. Yes, you may contact us anytime or (001) 206-521-9000.  Our team in the field provides real-time reporting of their efforts to complete the service via our mobile app.

Q. How do I serve documents in the United States?
A. Two methods are available for serving legal documents in the United States:
1. Formal: Formal service is effected by using The Hague Service Convention and the US Central Authority. This is advised in all cases.
2. Informal: Informal service can be effected by using Federal Civil Rule 4 governing service of process.

Q. What is a Letter Rogatory?
A. Letter Rogatory is a formal request from a court in one country to "the appropriate judicial authorities" in another country to effect service of process. Although statutory authority generally refers to the instrument as a "Letter Rogatory", the terms "Letter Rogatory" and "Letter of Request" (which is used specifically in the Hague Evidence Convention) have come to be virtually synonymous in actual practice.