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Other Services
International Service of Process
Process service abroad is complex, it is important to use a company with the knowledge, and experience to handle your case properly and legally. ABC has spent 29 years cultivating a network of trusted process servers, who serve papers according to our strict standards. We can advise you on the different approaches to international process service. Our understanding of The Hague Service Convention, Inter-American Convention, Letters Rogatory, and international civil procedures, guarantees that your service will be handled right the first time.
Translation Service
ABC Legal Services provides comprehensive legal translation. Our team will, translate and certify your documents to withstand the scrutiny of International courts. ABC linguists are specialists in legal language and will handle each project with accuracy and diligence. Our prices are quoted by page or by word upon review of your documents. For additional information or to receive a price quote, contact our translation department at
Investigations and Asset Searches
You canít serve them if you canít find them. Our licensed investigators can locate your defendant, so we can then serve them for you. In addition to finding people and businesses, we also find their assets such as bank accounts, real estate and vehicles so that if you get a judgment you can collect on it. For more information on our investigations, go to or e-mail